About Me
Adithya Pai

Hi there! I am Adithya Pai B from Mangalore, India-flag

an enthusiastic person with a passion for technology and a keen
interest in pursuing a career in the field of DevOps and Backend Engineering.
I like to explore new technologies, attend tech talks, and participate in hackathons to
stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements
in the field.

Skills skills
Web Development web
  • HTML icon
  • HTML5
  • CSS CSS3 icon
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap icon
  • Bootstrap
  • SASS icon
  • SASS
  • JS Javascript icon
  • Javascript
  • React.js icon
  • React
  • Angular
  • Angular
  • jQuery icon
  • jQuery
  • Typescript icon
  • TypeScript
  • json icon
  • JSON
  • NodeJs icon
  • NodeJs
  • Express icon
  • Express
  • Deno icon
  • Deno
  • MongoDB icon
  • MongoDB
  • MYSQL icon
  • My SQL
  • Selinum icon
  • Selinum
  • PHP icon
  • PHP
Programing Code icon
  • C programming icon
  • C
  • c++ icon
  • C++
  • python icon
  • Python3
  • Golang icon
  • Golang
  • Kotlin icon
  • Kotlin
  • java icon
  • Java
  • python icon
  • BASH
Tools tools
  • DOcker icon
  • Docker
  •  Adobe XD
  • Adobe XD
  •  Adobe XD
  • Jenkins
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe PS
  • Figma icon
  • Figma
  • GCP
  • GCP
  • git
  • Git
  • github
  • GitHub
  • VS code
  • VS Code
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Projects project
An Unique Horizontal responsive scroll website made with next JS and SCSS.
An API based URL shortener based on Google's material design and hosted on vercel serverless function.
An API that detects cuss words
Urml.ml is an open-source
shortener built using NodeJS ExpressJS and MongoDB
Portfolio Template
A profoilio template based on
Neomorphism Theme.
My First site
My first Website made with pure HTML
and CSS
A platform to share
your code with your peers!
My portfolio site based on
Neomorphism Theme.
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